Rishing Report February 13, 2018

Hi Everyone from Hooked on Panama Lodge.

We had Steve Spreeuwers and Ed Parrish with sons and son in laws Mason, Adam and Tripp.  They were fishing with Captain Chaka and his mate, Carlito. Good fun was had by all.

It wasn’t a red hot bite for them, but the fishing was still good. 7 Sails, 4 Dorados with two at 50lbs., 1 nice Rooster, 5 smaller Yellow Fin Tuna, some snappers and a Blue Trevally.

At the same time, we had Gordan Zoellner fishing solo with Captain Victor and his mate Jacinto.  On Gordan’s first day, he got 5 Sails, 7 Dorados and a 400lb. Black Marlin.  Lost track of his second day but was still going strong and on his last day had two Marlin on.  One spit the hook and the other broke the leader.  Can’t get them all. Also picked up some snappers and a decent rooster.

It was a good week with good company.  Look forward to having them all back with us.

By the way, we tried something new in the restaurant.  Our lime trees are a bit empty right now, but our grapefruit tree is going off.  So, we decided to try ceviche with the grapefruit juice.  It was amazing.  Who would have known.

Got more fishing right now, so will have another report in a few days.

Tight lines,

Dan Peavy

Hooked on Panama Lodge


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