Panama Fishing January 26, 2019

It has been a great week here at Hooked on Panama Lodge.

First off, Mark Polewski brought down the whole Canadian gang, Ron, Len, Archie, Andy, Tom, Dan and Ted.  This was Marks second trip down here with us, but it was 5 years ago.  Hope they don’t wait that long to return 🙂

Second, we had Ray Rogers and Family, Pam, Justin and Jeremy.  These folks are from West Virginia and I believe our first guest from there.

The Dorado bite slowed way down this week, only got a few, but the Yellow Fin Tuna bite took off.  Got dozens all in the 20 to 60lb. range.  Several Sails, Roosters, Cubers, etc. Didn’t get any Marlin releases this week, bummer, but did see some.  We actually did the seared tuna appetizer several times this week:) Still everyones favorite.

Got a lot more than just fish photos below.  Some serious hammock time, pool time, the full moon rises were amazing every night even though no one got to see the eclipse, all racked out, some seriously nice airborne dolphin photos, with one of them looking like he has a huge smile on his face and had some whale action, to boot. My favorite dolphin photo is the one of the dolphin cruising right under Justin’s feet.

The Canooks left yesterday and Ray and family left this morning.  Everyone had a ball.  Here at the lodge we get to breathe for a couple of days of no fishing, but have new groups arriving tomorrow and will be back to fishing Monday. So, more to come in about a week:)

Until next time, Tight Lines.

Dan Peavy

Hooked on Panama Lodge

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