Fishing Report for June 11th

Doug Huseman and his three sons from Tennessee were also here at the lodge fishing the same period as the Harden / Rose group from our last report.  Doug was really hoping to get in on some good marlin fishing with his sons on this trip, since this was their first time marlin fishing.


First day was a bit slow, only one 90lb yellowfin tuna.  But man, the roll-your-own spicy tuna appetizers were rocking that night 🙂


The second day, all three of Doug’s sons caught a nice black marlin! Yes, that’s right, all three Huseman boy’s caught their first marlin on the same day!  The boy’s had to swim in to “pay their respect to the sea”.  As Doug said “it was a great day and great trip with Hooked on Panama Lodge“.


Paying their respect to the sea obviously worked, because the next day they lost track of how many marlin they raised, but they did catch and release three more, 2 black marlin and one blue marlin.  On the way in they stopped at the point to do some inshore fishing, Doug caught a monster roosterfish that measured 62.5 inches and taped out at approx.  80 to 90lbs! 


The last day Doug decided to leave it up to captain Victor to decide which direction to go, tuna or marlin fishing. Victor chose marlin madness one more time, and just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, they caught and released a black marlin, a blue marlin and 2 sailfish for a billfish Grand Slam!


The day after they left, we had a Costa Rican friend charter a boat for the day, I wasn’t able to get any pics from them, but they caught several dorado in the 30 to 40lb range.


We have two more groups here fishing with us now, and I hope to have another report coming soon.

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