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Hi Everyone,
Dan Peavy from Hooked on Panama Lodge here.  Just a little update from Panama during the week of March 14th, 2013. We had Mike and Brenda ( AKA the fish goddess ) Weiss with us from Houston. Texas.  They had a great time.  I would write about it,  but Mike sent us his own report attached below.  You got to read it.  I did add some of his photos though for your enjoyment.
April is pretty much sold out,  but still have space in May, June and July.  If you can break away from life at home and come down for a visit,  drop me a note.

 Hooked On Panama!

Our adventure started back in Sept. 2012. After researching all of the Lodges/Fishing destination’s in Panama I got hooked up with Dan Peavy one of the Owner’s of “Aqua Adventures/Hooked on Panama”. After a couple of emails, we talked on the phone and booked 6 days/ with 4 days of fishing. This turned out to be the best decision of all the trips I’ve booked, Costa Rica & 7 other spots in Mexico don’t compare.—- Just Imagine Fishing for Three of the Four Days and not seeing another BOAT!!


 After arriving in David, Pedro our driver put in his DVD, sang some old songs in spanish, and gave us the history of the Costa Rica/ Panama border. We arrived at the Lodge after dark,  my wife AKA”The Fish Goddess” and I were greeted by smiling faces’ and some plates of fresh grilled Dorado. Our host and hostess’ Mike & Gay Peavy— Rex and Connie Hudson all owners, partners in the lodge- stayed up, gave us the run of the Lodge and off to bed.


Day one, woke up to the sound of the Pacific 30 yards from the porch. I was in paradise, the view, the tropical landscape, the remoteness–with all of the comforts!- spent the day relaxing by the pool-walking on the beach with the fish ‘Goddess’ and getting ready for the first of four day’s of excitement. The meal’s at night cannot compare. Try a four course meal, prepared by Panamas best seafood chef. Fresh catch of the day, soup-cerviche-sushi // Salad // and one of several homemade desert’s.  I highly recommend a day of hanging out at the lodge. Enjoying the stories of how the Lodge came to be seven years ago, Mike and Dan bringing the materials down the beach, and meeting Rex–who built the boats that turned out to be the most comfortable, fishable 35′ sport fisherman that we have ever fished on.. Lots of shade!! And a kingsized cushioned’Snoozing’ area


Day two, 6:15 am, in the panga ‘built by Rex’ out to the Deepsport 35’ with Capt Chaka and mate Carlos ‘Mata’ excellent English. Our choice of what to fish. First day all billfish, ran about ten miles. This is a well run machine, seven baits and teasers, live bait for the pitch if wanted, ready on two other lines. Quality equipment, boat and crew. About 27 minutes, first sailfish in the baits, this continued steady all day. Total eleven sails in the baits, four hookups, two to the boat. One Blue Marlin hooked by the fish Goddess, made several jumps and headed toward Costa Rica. Trolled till 4:30pm. What a day!-Grilled fresh Tuna, and all the fixins. Bed Time.


Day three, inshore in the morning. Slow trolling 5 pound bonitas, I got the first fish, pequito roosterfish. This allowed you know ‘Who’ to catch the next fish 35 pound Rooster. The bite continued, until a 35 pound ‘Pargo’ ate one of the bonitas, dinner in the boat. Continued offshore about fifteen minutes. Raised first sail within 7 minutes, and had steady fish all afternoon. Eight sails, three hookups, one to the boat. Fresh sushi, and wahoo from one of the other boats.


Day four. Headed out to the islands to chase tuna. What a day! My first cast ever at tuna with spinning tackle, and a big ‘ole popper—65# yellowfin! Chased schools of tuna up to 120#s throwing topwater all afternoon.

Ten in the boat, of course the Goddess had 6 of them. I did manage the biggest. Had to stop and get ice from the tuna boats in the area. This is the only day out of four days fishing, we saw other boats. Lightly breaded Dorado! The wife kept saying I love these boats as she ‘Layed in the Shade’


Day five, inshore and offshore, several fish, blue trevally on top water, and marlin, and sails constant in the afternoon. Fresh tuna from the day before. Sushi, tell Rex to fix his smoked Tuna dip, and grilled tuna steaks that tasted like the best ‘Pork Chops’ you ever had.


Day six. Stayed at the Lodge, lots more relaxing, before heading out the next day. The Cabins are world class, built out of local lumber, hard wood ceilings, and lots of cool air.


This is without a doubt the premier destination in Panama. Plus the only lodge in the Punta Burica area. 


Give Them a Call—1-888-Reel-Em-Up

Michael Weiss






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