The Great Panama Fishing Challenge

Hi Guys,


Dan from Hooked on Panama Lodge again.  Fishing has been good.  The tuna bite is still on fire.  On the 17th and 18th,  we were part of the Great Panama Fishing Challenge.  A country wide tournament put on by the Panama Marine Resource Foundation.  Several of the lodge’s here were involved.


Fishing on the Chiricana with Captain Victor and his Mate,  Jacinto,  were the Nesbit family.  Dave, Wendy and son Zach.  During the two tournament days,  they brought in 6 yellow fin tunas each day.  That was the weigh in limit.  2 tuna per angler per day.  Zach managed to win our lodge’s tuna division with his 4 tunas totaling well over 250 points.  Their third day of non-tournament fishing,  they decided that they had had enough of tuna,  so they hit the point for a little rooster fishing.  In an hour and a half,  they had bagged three really nice roosters in the 50lb. range,  then went offshore about 10 miles.  Got another tuna they didn’t want, a sail fish and a couple of dorado


Zach got the grand prize from the lodge.  A shimano saragosa spinning reel and rod set up.  He then traded it for one of our nice Columbia shirts and two hats for his parents.  Thanks Zach:)


I managed to win the country wide biggest dorado.  He was only 32lbs.  But when it was the only one that came to the scale country wide,  it made the win a bit easy.  Of course,  all I got was a trophy to hang on the wall.  Oh well.


Overall, in 2 days of fishing with 3 boats.  We had 36 tuna come to the scale and 1 dorado.  The awards ceremony was a great time for all.  Thanks go to John Maynard,  the President and founder of the Panama Marine Resource Foundation,  for setting up and hosting the tournament.


Things will be a bit slow here until the 8th of June when our next groups show up.  I’ll have more reports for you then.  Until then, tight lines.




Dan Peavy

Hooked on Panama Lodge

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