Fishing Report for July 20th

Another report from Hooked on Panama Lodge.
We have the Fernsell family here with us right now.  Sam, Monica, Sam Jr. and Lilly. From Palm Beach Florida. They had 2 and a half days out on the ocean, fishing with Captain Victor and Mate Jacinto.  It was a smorgashboard,  did I spell that right,  of variety.
Yellow fin tuna,  roosters, 3 nice wahoo, dorado, sierra mackeral, blue trevally, snappers and blue runners.  We have had such a variety of fish,  we just couldn’t decide what to do for dinner:):)  Great photos below.
Sam and Monica’s daughter, Lilly, and my daughter Alexia have become the best of friends.  Swimming pool,  riding horses, playing on the beach, etc.  A great time was had by all.  After their stay with us,  they are heading up to Volcan for a couple of days of rest at the Jansen Family coffee farm.  Going to get a cabin on one of the highland lakes, get a bit of bass fishing in, kayaking, BBQing and just all around relaxing.  Alexia and I are going to go up with them and show them around Volcan a bit.  Looking forward to the expedition:)
These guys have been so much fun,  that we can’t wait for their next trip down.  Have to plan it around summer break for the kids,  so Alexia can be here to hang out with Lilly.
The bite has just kept going, and going, and going.  Late April all the way up to today,  the fishing has been great.
More to come next week.
Dan Peavy

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