Fishing Report for February 5

Another report from just a few days ago.

We had Wim Jansen and his friends from Holland, Thiji, Edwin and Jorg.  Hope I got that right:)  They were fishing with Captain Victor and his mate Jacinto. This is Wim’s 4th trip with us here. Last year he got 5 Black Marlin in one day!!!

These guys got a real mixed bag of fish, inshore and offshore.  Multiple Marlin bites but only got a clean release on one.  Multiple sails with clean releases on four.  Roosters, cubera snappers, blue trevally’s, rock snappers and so on.  Got some great photos below, but not the ones of the big snappers.  I couldn’t down load them from their camera phone for some crazy reason.  And, of course, another great sunrise in front of the lodge.  I never get tired of watching the display every morning:)

It was kind of a crazy week.  Not only did we have the Holland guys here fishing, but we had a family from Canada come and stay three days.  A couple from Denmark and a group of three from France.  They weren’t fishing, but it was quite the international group staying here at the lodge. Margot ( the chef extraordinaire ) made a dish that knocked everyones socks off.  Garlic snapper a la plancha with a shrimp consume sauce:):)  My God, it was to die for.

Got more fishing going on right now, so will have another report soon.

Until then, tight lines.

Captain Dan Peavy
Hooked on Panama Lodge

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