Fishing Report for February 6

Here we go again from Hooked on Panama Lodge.

Got Bob Linder here this week with his son in law, Joe White and friend Ken Blake.  This is Bob’s 4th trip here and they fished with Captain Oliver and mate Carlito.  It was another good week.  They started their trip with a tour into the mountains to see the town of Vocan.  Thus the nice stream photo below.

Joe released his first Black Marlin this trip and managed to get a nice Blue too. Both 250 to 300lbs. Snagged a 25 lb. yellow fin tuna also, even though they really haven’t shown up yet.  Bob got a couple of nice sails and one really nice Dorado. Ken got a nice sail, a really nice rooster ( photo below ) and a sierra mackeral.

They actually had a double header on Marlin and missed them both.  Last day out, had another beast on that bent the hook straight!!!!!! Multiple shots at sails.

Also got clean releases on a sea turtle and a booby bird:):)

Tonight we are having Chef Margot’s sushi rolls and shashimi for appetizers. Can’t wait.  Ricardo, the bartender, was Johnny on the spot with the Pina Coladas at the end of their day.

Got others fishing still right now.  I will send out another report when it’s over.

Until then. Tight lines.


Captain Dan Peavy
Hooked on Panama Lodge


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