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Fishing Report January 18, 2018

Fishing Report January 18, 2018

Fishing Report January 18, 2018

We had a great week at Hooked on Panama Lodge.

Wim and Edward from Norway was back again for their 5th trip with us, fishing with Captain Victor. Ted and Rhonda for their second trip, fishing with Captain Chaka. And newbies, Tim and Misty, fishing with Captain Carlos.

The bite was good.  No marlin this week, but everything else was great.  It’s actually kind of strange about the Marlin bite, because Wim pretty much always gets a Marlin with us.

Fish count:

Last night, Margot did her whole fried snapper for the appetizer. Wow, it was awesome.  I think after all the years and all the great fish dinners, that is by far one of the favorites.

Everyone had a great time and are already planning their trip for next year. Wim said he would probably be back in June for the tuna run.

More fishing next week, so a new report to come soon.

Tight lines,

Dan Peavy