Panama Fishing February 17, 2019

Got another report from Hooked on Panama Lodge.

Before I start, I forgot something that was supposed to be in my last report.  It was the Baxter group.  They got off the boat one afternoon and asked if I knew what a Turducken was.  I replied of course, but why? So the story was, they had a Mahi Mahi eat a bonito bait, then a big Black Marlin ate the Mahi Mahi.  They called it a Marmahinito:)  Thought you might enjoy that. Unfortunately they didn’t get a release on the Marlin.

This last week we had repeats and Newbies.  Wolfgang, the man, the myth, the legend fishing with his friends Dennis and Clint.  I think the Wolf has been here around 10 time.  They were with Kurt and Ruth Neiman, the newbies.  We also had Greg and Dennis Pawlek and their friend John Bednar.  These guys have also been here almost every year since the beginning.

It was a true mixed bag week.  The Pawlek’s did a ton of deep jigging.  Not something we do a lot and they also bring all their own stuff.  Groupers, snappers and a ton of the little red guys in the photos below that we don’t know exactly what they are, but man, let me tell you they whole fried up amazing. They also got 7 wahoo on a floater.  Wolf and crew got 7 Sails, raised a bunch with two of them a double header.  Kurt and Ruth only got 1 sail but said they missed a bunch.  There were roosters, snappers and all three boats managed to loose or miss a Marlin.  Plus, one day they got into a mess of small yellow fin tunas and I mean a mess of them.  Those little ones are by far the best to eat.  Margot and I filleted little tunas for hours:)

I really like the photo below of the double hooked up on one jig. Plus, we rescued another turtle.  

Below is something Greg wrote when he e-mailed me his photos.  He said the rooster bite that last day, was the best rooster bite he has ever seen.

Dan, thanks for another great year at your lodge! Here are some of the better pictures I took. Quick recap. Day 1 half day Grouper Jigging, other half offshore. Raised 5 Sails, jumped off 1. Day 2 Isla La Drones. Grouper jigging and chunking for snappers. On way home raised a sail and got a mahi. Jigged those small yellowfin under the debris. Day 3 jumped off a 400lb Blue Marlin, saw tuna, jigged for bottom critters and trolled Crevally Jacks. Day 4, great grouper jigging, chunked rainbow runners, shark & snappers. Day 5 insane Roosterfish morning bite. Over 20 bites. Afternoon offshore 1 sail and 7 wahoo. Have my pictures on My Facebook page,  Greg Pawlak Got more guys fishing now and will have another report soon.

Until next time, Tight Lines.

Dan Peavy

Hooked on Panama Lodge

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