Hooked on Panama

Got a group with us from Brazil. First day out was productive. 12 roosters released with twice that many lost. 3 sail fish in the spread managed to release 1. Many tuna in the 30lb. to 50lb. range with 1 weighing in at 131lbs. Hooked up and broke off many more.

Captain Oliver with his mate Carlito, on the Miss Baru brought in the 131lb. yellow fin.Shasimi and fresh sushi had by all. These guys are having the time of their lives and you can tell by the photos below, they are just a bit crazy.

Then, another great day of fishing at Hooked on Panama Lodge. The Brazilians last day out was non stop action. Photos below including the boys enjoying a little pool time and Tigresa the wonder dog:)

22 tuna all in the 40lb. to 50lb. range.

8 roosters released.

1 nice pargo brought home for dinner. 2 more released.

And, 1 spanish Mackeral.

The 2 day fishing event was a great success and everyone is telling us they are coming back for more. These guys were a lot of fun and we can’t wait to have them back.

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