Fishing Report January 8, 2019

Got another report from Hooked on Panama Lodge.

The fishing continues to be hot. Over New Years, we had Heister Linn and his better half Ruthy fishing with Carlos and his mate Eloy.  1st day out, Heister got a Black Marlin and several more Dorados.  The dorado bite continues to be red hot and still large fish.  Day two, they did some nearshore fishing and got 7 Roosters and a couple of nice Cubera Snappers and came in at 3PM.  Day three, another huge Black Marlin.  Unfortunately the Marlin didn’t make it, so we got to do some accurate measurements.  640lbs. :):)  Downside of this trip, we were having internet issues the day they left and I did not get a single photo.

The day Heister and Ruthy left, we had Ted and Rhonda Simpson take over. They were fishing with Captain Chaka and his mate Jacinto. Ted and Rhonda have been with us now like 4 times.  It was another Dorado fest.  I think they got 20 total.  7 Sail Fish, only one Rooster and some nice jacks.  We have been having a really good Marlin bite for weeks now, but Ted got skunked again. I think they are planning to join us again in June and continue the Marlin hunt:) I did get some really nice photos from Ted and Rhonda though.  Some great Dorado action shots and of course, Rhonda’s blue toenails:) 

Never thought I would say this, but we have been eating so much fresh Dorado, that I think I’m about ready for a Tuna steak:)

Got a new group of repeats here right now, plus more showing up this week, so will have another report soon.

Also, if you are in Dallas for the Safari club show, or the Reno show, don’t forget to stop by our booth and chat it up some.  Mike, Gay and John will be there running the show.

Until next time, Tight Lines:)

Dan Peavy

Hooked on Panama Lodge

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