Fishing Report January 13, 2019

Another report from Hooked on Panama Lodge.

Last week we had Steve McCReary, his friends Mike, Jerry and the new guy Bill.  They were fishing wit Captain Carlos and Mate Eloy.  These guys are a riot.  When I say Steve brought his friends, well, you couldn’t really tell they were friends by the way they treated each other:)  This is their 4th trip with us.

Fishing is still good. Day 1, released a Black Marlin and lost one.  Only got one Dorado, but a big one.  Raised some Sails also, but no releases.  Captain Carlos said they had lots of action, but were fishing with rubber hooks.

Day 2, the boys didn’t want to do the long run, so they opted for a nearshore day here at the point.  13 different species caught.  Roosters, snappers, Cuberas and quite a bit more.  Said they had a ball.

Day 3, opted for another nearshore day, but after half a day of a slow bite, they shot out about 6 to 8 miles off the point.  In the second half of the day they got eleven Dorados. Actually had 6 on at one time and managed to land 5 of them.

Day 4, opted for the long run again.  Bagged another Black Marlin, a couple of Sails and anther nice Dorado.

Fishing slowed a bit from the previous weeks, but still pretty damn good.  They might join us again later in the season for the tuna run. Kind of miss these guys, they are a lot of fun to hang out with.

Got more guys just left today, have a boat out right now and more anglers arriving this afternoon.  So will have more to come soon.

Tight Lines,

Dan Peavy

Hooked on Panama Lodge

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