Fishing Report for February 10th

Yeehaw!!! Here we go again.  Another report from Hooked on Panama Lodge. We have Mike ( the warden ) and his lovely bride Brenda ( AKA the Fish Goddess ) fishing with us this week.  They did 5 days total with some days off in between.  Fished a couple of days with Captain Oliver and his mate Carlito, the last 3 days with Captain Chaka and his mate Carlos ( AKA Matagato ).  It was a great week.

Overall fish count. 7 Marlin raised and Mike released a 250lb. Blue, and, a 450lb. Black.  His first Black ever and the one fish he wanted most. Raised 10 sails and released 7. Thank God, our hooked up to release ratio has gone way up:) 1 nice dorado and lost another right next to the boat, AGAIN!!! No fillet and release for that one.  Just killed it on the Cubera Snappers.  Releasing way more than we kept.

I got to go fishing with these guys their last day.  That was the slowest day, but the Black Marlin day.  Mike got that fish in 45 minutes on a TLD 30.  30lb. tackle on a 450lb. fish.  Sweet.  There are many shots below of that marlin.  He went ballistic right at the stern and when he came around the port side, I started backing away from the rail as I was taking photos, because I thought he was coming right into the back deck.  The show was unbelievable:)

The Fish Goddess got a great photo of the full moon rise over the ocean.  One of the other boats brought in a small yellow fin tuna and there is a great photo below of Shasimi/ Sushi night.  Ken Blake was here at the same time.  First time he had ever eaten Shasimi.  It was so funny. he was standing there, looking at the raw tuna, and saying, I don’t know.  We coerced him to at least try it.  Ken took two tiny pieces, then went back 3 times for plates full.  Another convert:):) You can tell below, that Brenda likes her artsy photos.

Got 2 new groups here now and the bite has gone off.  Sails, tuna and more.  Looks like the sails were just a bit late this year, but showing good numbers now. Will have two more reports later this week.  Got some open space for March if anyone wants to come on down and play with us at the lodge.

Until then, Tight Lines.

Captain Dan Peavy

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