Fishing Report for March 27th

Another report from Hooked on Panama Lodge.

Over the last week we had Bill and Michelle Harkrider with their friends P.R. and Margret Burk. These guys were fishing with Captain Chaka and his mate Carlito.

Started off a little slow. First day was 1 sail fish, some small tuna and quite a lot of Jacks, but we don’t really count the Jacks:) Day two was pretty much the same. Day three, things picked up with 4 sails, with several more lost, and 3 nice Roosters.

All of these guys were from Louisiana and dinners were a real kick in the pants. We heard more new jokes in three nights than all year:)

The next day we had a some guys come in for a one day charter that live here in Panama. Even better fishing. Got 2 sails and lost like 6 more. But also got 2 nice yellow fin tunas. One at 130lbs. and the other at 180lbs. Both nice fish. Lost 2 other bruisers. The tuna bite is starting and this was only about 10 miles from the lodge.

We’ll keep you posted on the tuna run. They are actually a lot closer to us right now than they normally are at this time of the season.

Hope everyone enjoys their Easter Sunday and will have a new report soon.

Tight lines,
Dan Peavy

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