Fishing Report for May 24th

Well guys. It is week number 2 with Gary and Sheryl Meyers and their close friend Bad Betty Rawalt.  This week they were joined by other close friends, Dave and Norma Creighton.  It was another stellar week.  I only put a few tuna pics, because they had so many.


First off, Dave brought the new fishing mask for everyone and they wore them in style.  The photo below of Carlito, their mate, kept me laughing for an hour.  It has also been Mango Madness around here.  We have mangos out the wazoo.  Have been juicing them, putting them in desserts, mango margaritas, mango daiquiris, mango everything:)


Enough of that though.  Back to the fishing. Lost count on the yellow fin tunas.  Probably around 20, from 40 to 140lbs.:):) Got a great photo below of Norma cracking one with a bat.  You go girl. Had a monster Black Marlin on for about 5 minutes before he spit the hook:(:(  But, the girls, now called the Marlin Queens, did land a nice Blue around 300lbs.  Sheryl started the fight,  Bad Betty took the middle and Norma finished it off.  It was a team effort.  Got some nice dorados also, with Sheryl getting hers on the fly.  And of course, more roosters and snappers. We are running out of ways to prepare tuna:)


They all left yesterday.  We are really going to miss these guys.  Got a new group that arrived at the same time and the fishing is on again.  Will have a new report in about a week.


Until then. Tight lines.

Captain Dan Peavy

Hooked on Panama Lodge

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