Richard Bagnall Report from Aug. 6 – 15

On the last day we saw a whale and it’s calf right by the boat – we actually hooked it as it swam by (in its tail no doubt) but it obviously broke the line.  It allows us to say that we nearly caught a whale!  All in all it’s been incredible – 2 100lb + yellow fin, 2 x 75lb tuna, 1 64lb tuna, 2 x rooster at about 40lbs, a superb 33lb dorado, two nice 25 lb cubera and a whole load of rock snappers as well as a mullet snapper. Plenty of bonita and dog tooth tunas too.  We also raised two marlin, one of which bit but didn’t connect and we also had an estimated 450lber on the line for about 45 seconds.  All in all plenty of action and great fun at the lodge.

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