Fishing Report July 13, 2017

Greetings from Hooked on Panama Lodge!

We had brothers Richard and Edward Bagnall back from the UK for their second trip to the lodge, they fished 6 days with Victor and Jacinto and caught a smorgasbord of fish!

The following is Richard’s fish report and pics:

Here is the list of fish that Ed and I caught with Victor and Jacinto over our six days fishing between June 25 and July 1st:

  • 37 tunas (between 20lbs and the largest was 80lbs)
  • 1 Cubera snapper (about 20lbs – released safely)
  • 6 rock snappers
  • 8 mullet snappers (between 15-20 lbs)
  • 1 rooster fish ( approx. 20lbs – released safely)
  • 1 yellow tail snapper
  • 1 grouper ( approx. 6lbs)
  • 3 small rose groupers
  • 1 blue trevally (approx. 15lbs)
  • 1 amber jack (3 lbs)
  • 2 trippletail (between 1lb and 2lb)
  • 1 small black tip shark!
  • 1 margarita about 1lb
  • 2 needle fish
  • 2 moray eels
  • 1 surgeon fish
  • 1 rainbow runner
  • 2 blue runners
  • 8 bonitos

Total number of fish: 80. Total number of different species: 19!

We struggled to catch a rooster due to the difficulty in catching the bonito – but finally managed in the last five minutes of fishing on our last day!
Additionally we raised a marlin, and also had one big strike but no connection.

Victor and Jacinto were amazing.

Best wishes,

PS Still dreaming of our trip!

Hooked on Panama Lodge


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