Fishing Report for April 22

Hello Everyone,


Well, after 3 weeks of slow fishing,  this are turning around.  The first three and a half months of the season this year have been off the charts.  This last January we managed to release more Blue and Black Marlin in one month than over the last 6 years combined.  Dorado bite like never before,  sails everywhere,  biggest rooster we have seen at around 105lbs, and then, it quit.


The last 2 weeks of March and the first 2 weeks of April slowed down, but, it is now turning around.


Mike Hopkins and the Bakersfield boys just finished their stay with us.  Sails, several roosters, with Mike’s topping out at around 50lbs. and Cubera Snappers.  Pics below.  It is great what you can get with a 12 pack of cold beer from the shrimp boats:)  A bucket o shrimp.  Dinner that night was awesome.  Grilled snapper filet and sauteed shrimp:)


The tuna are arriving. Saw several schools yesterday.  We have a spearfishing group here with us now,  Divers for a Cause.  They managed to get off several shots,  getting one in the 60lb. range.  They are not really biting yet.  Too much bait in the water.  But that is going to change any day now and then it will e tuna central like last year.


A great time was had by all and look forward to having these guys back with us again.


Until the next report, tight lines

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