Panama Fishing March 30, 2019

Another report from Hooked on Panama,

We just had two CCA groups here with us Scott Shaheen and friends Murry, Herb and Robin from CCA San Antonio and Steve Bartholomew with Bruce, Chet and good oll Jim from CCA Austin.

They weren’t slaying the fish but had good quality.  There were a lot of Billfish out there but mostly window shopping and not biting.  They did release 3 Black Marlin, 1 Blue Marlin a few Sailfish several Mahi, Ahi Rooster fish.   

Steve and friends had a trifecta one day with a Black, Blue and a Sailfish they also successfully released a very nice Snapper.  A few nights Margot served up my favorite appetizers seared Ahi, sashimi and  one night poke!   

Got some photo’s from Steve’s group and some videos for Scott’s group.

Until next week,

Mike Peavy

Hooked on Panama Lodge

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