Panama Fishing July 3, 2019

Our season is slowly coming to a close, but don’t let that fool anyone on the fishing 🙂

Last week we had Bob, Teri and Tommy Grossman from California.  Bob had some bucket list items.  One was a Rooster fish.  On their first day, they released 10 by 10AM. We did not get him the Black Marlin or Cubera Snapper, but the yellow Fin Tuna bite continues to go off. Even had a handful of smaller Dorados.  Fun, but not like the beast we were getting at the beginning of the season.

These guys were great fun and good company. Bob is planning his next trip back, next June.  Seems like the tuna always perform this time off year.

Got some locals out today and our last group of the year arriving today.  So, will have another report coming.

The weather has been pretty decent, just the occasional night time thunderstorm.  On the other hand, we had a 6.3 earthquake the first night the Grossman’s arrived. That was a little entertaining.

Until next week,  tight lines.

Dan Peavy

Hooked On Panama Lodge
[email protected]

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