Panama Fishing February 17, 2020

Another fun week at Hooked on Panama Lodge.

First, we had Joe Kornwasser back with us for his second trip this season. He was fishing with Captain Carlos again.  Joe really likes fishing with these guys.  Joe did a half day upon arrival, at the point.  Got some nice snappers.

2nd day, one marlin and I think the biggest sail we have seen.  Check out the photo below of just how big this sail fishes head is.  Looks like a small marlin.  His last day, he had 3 marlin on, did get to release one, but one of the ones that got away, estimated at 800lbs.  Joe said it was just dumb luck.

Right as the marlin made its first jump, the mate went to set the hook and pulled the lure right out of his mouth.  Bummers.  Snagged a couple dorados this day also.  One photo below was from Joe’s December trip.  We don’t kill billfish, but sometimes we loose one, thus the photo of the fish on the deck.

He was a bruiser and fed half the village.  Joe will be back in May for the yellow fin tuna run. We are going to start calling Joe, The Marlin Man. 🙂 🙂

We also had John Wilkerson here with Dudley, Rick and Deb.  These guys were fishing with Captain Chaka.  Their luck wasn’t as good as Joe’s, but they also released a Blue Marlin, a Rooster, lot’s of Cubera Snappers, a Mutton Snapper, a barracuda and lost a really nice Dorado right at the side of the boat. 

More great scenery photos and a beautiful full moon rise.  Food was awesome as usual, but, I could really use a good steak about now.

Got new guys out today and will have more to come soon.

Tight lines.

Dan Peavy

Hooked On Panama Lodge
[email protected]

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