Never to early for fishing

January 9, day 3 for Jeff, Kim, Taylor, Ron and Denise, he morning send off kept getting earlier and earlier going out to La Chiricana at the break of dawn with everyone eager to start the day.  They headed out to Ladornes for some Rooster and Pargo.  While there they raised 5 Roosters, boated 2 got some good bites on Pargo but none to the boat.  The bite slowed down so they headed back in to the Point, and raised 2 sails on the way in.


January 10, day 4 off to an early start once again just 12 miles off shore and were they raised 10 Sails and boated 2, raised another 4 Rooster and boated 2.  Each day on their return in they were met on the beach by Ricardo with their favorite drink and then off to the pool to cool off and talk about the days catch, the ones that got away and about their next trip down to the Lodge.


Tight Lines,


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