Fishing Report March 16, 2018

Another report from Hooked on Panama Lodge

This is from the week ending March 9th.  Leon Spencer brought a group of friends for his second visit to the lodge.  Leon, Jamie and Mark were fishing with Captain Carlos and mate Eloy.  Mark, Mark and Greg were fishing with Captain Chaka and his mate Carlito.  And finally Ed, Jim and Pete fishing with Captain Victor.  It was a confusing week with all the Marks:):)

Now, the bite did drop off from the previous week, but we still did pretty good. Don’t have a ton of photos from the group, but there are a handful of good ones below.

  • 1 big Black Marlin, but raised around 10.  Just couldn’t keep them on or get them to eat, but there are two really nice Marlin shots below.
  • 5 Sail Fish with many more raised, but same thing, having a hard time getting them to eat.
  • 3 Dorados
  • 6 Roosters
  • 4 Cubera Snappers
  • Several smaller Tuna
  • And one huge Mullet Snapper.  Biggest one we have seen.  Estimated at 40lbs. or more.  We looked it up, IGFA, biggest Mullet Snapper is 45lbs.  Might have had a record fish and didn’t even know it.
  • And of course, a mixed bag of some groupers, smaller snappers and jacks.

Good fun was had by all and look forward to having the guys back again next season.

Not doing bad this week either, so will have another report soon.

Until then, tight lines,
Dan Peavy

Hooked on Panama Lodge


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