Fishing Report for May 9th

Hello Everyone,
Dan here from Hooked on Panama Lodge.  Got some photos below of this weeks activities.
Fishing with us is,  Gary and Sheryl Meyer and their friends, Dave and Norma Creighton plus Betty Rewalt.  It has been a fun few days.  Dorado, yeloow fin tuna, snappers roosters,  blue trevally and so on. They also caught tons of little yellow fin tunas and bonitos fly fishing. Yesterday there were 2 marlin in the spread plus 1 sail fish.  Window shopping only though.  Also,  one of the biggest needle fish we have ever seen.  If you have never had fish fingers from a needle fish,  you don’t know what you are missing.
There is a photo below of Betty calling in the troops for dinner with our home made conch shell.  And Gary got a nice shot of a howler monkey that came and hung out with us one afternoon.
They are out again today and going back to the hump where they raised the 2 marlin yesterday.  Hopefully they can hook up today.
As always,  the fresh fish dinners have been awesome.  Ceviche, shasimi, sushi, seared tuna, dorado shiskabobs, fish fingers, etc.
The tuna are a lot closer.  Just west of Isla Ladrones. 25 miles or so,  instead of 50 or 60 out to Ials Montuosa.  But,  they are still a little finicky.  Biting one day, and then,  not the next.  Every tuna we have filleted lately has been stuff with red pelagic crabs,  so,  we caught some red land crabs yesterday and are going to give that a shot when they are not biting:)
Everyone is having a great time.  Dave and Norma have to leave tomorrow, sorry to see them leave,  but we have Dr.’s Bill and Kim Salow coming in this weekend to join the Meyers for next weeks fishing.  So,  more to come.
Tight lines,
Dan Peavy

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