Fishing Report for May 18th

Hello Again,

Dan Peavy again from Hooked on Panama Lodge.  A couple of shots below from Gary and Sheryl Meyer’s last days with us.  The were still fishing with Bad Betty Rawalt,  and were joined by new friends,  Bill and Kim Salow.


Finally got a photo of Gary on the rod.  He is always working the deck so hard,  he rarely gets to reel anything in:)  The big tuna was caught by Betty.  Betty might weigh 100lbs. dripping wet,  but she stayed on the reel the whole time.  Now, mate Carlito helped a bit holding the rod, and the rest of the crew held on to her belt to keep her on the boat:)


They also got to free a turtle that was all tangled up in long line equipment.  One day we might figure a way to keep those commercial guys from doing what they do.


Everyone left on Thursday the 16th.  We are surely going to miss them.  These guys were by far one of the funniest group we have ever had and they are already planning their next trip to Hooked on Panama.


Right now, we are in the middle of a fund raising tournament for the Panama Marine Resource Foundation.  We had 16 yellow fin tuna come in yesterday between 3 boats fishing.  I even got to fish the first day of the tournament myself:)  Bagged a 32lb. dorado and two tuna in the 70lb. range.  I didn’t fish today and I don’t think I will need to reel in another tuna for quite some time. I am trying to figure out why folks like to catch those things. That second fish kicked my ass:)  For now,  I am sitting on first place in the Dorado division:)  After today’s weigh in,  I’ll send out the tournament report.


I hate to say it,  but I think I am getting tired of eating fresh tuna:):):)


Tight lines,

Dan Peavy

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