Fishing Report for June 20th

We had Brannen Johnson and family with us a couple of weeks ago.  They flew out so early their last day, I didn’t get any photos from them until now. Brannen wrote the fish report below.  These guys kicked butt again:)
Got some more guys out today.  They had an awesome day yesterday and I’ll have a new report for you soon.
Tight lines,
Dan Peavy

Hello Dan!
We all made it back, very smooth trip home. We had a great time again this year.  Total count for the trip was 6 big yellowfin (5 around 80-100 pounds, and the one big one that Victor estimated around 180), several smaller 5-10 pounders, three roosterfishn (largest estimated by Victor at 60 pounds), 3 mahi over 40 pounds and probably 20-30 more that were smaller.  We hooked one black marlin that broke off and saw one big sail.  Several other assorted fish; jack, snapper, etc.  We also hope to be able to do it again next year.  This trip it was Edward, Sue, and Brannen Johnson and Stevie Pursell.Thanks,

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