Day after fathers day

It was the day after fathers day.  Woke up fathers day morning, stormy, windy and choppy.  So, postponed until the next day.

Just wanted to run out to the tip of the point, fish for a couple of hours and come back.  Weather was awesome the next day.  Pulled up behind a shrimp boat and scored 10lbs. of shrimp for a 12 pack, and snagged a few bonitos for live bait.  Alexia caught one, and, after that one, she didn’t want to reel up anything else. We then went back to the rocks on the point.

I got the 70 plus pound rooster within 10 minutes.  Connie caught a 20lb. mullet snapper plus a 10lb. cubera snapper.  We got a lot more hits with a miss, and, back on the beach by 11:30 AM.

Margot is making snapper stuffed with shrimp tonight.  We were all getting a little tired of fish, but I think tonight everyone will make an exception:)

It was a great day!!!!

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