Fishing Report for January 27th

We had Eric & Suzzie with Fishing with Larry here hosting a group of 8 anglers. They fished for 4 days with Capitan Chaka, Oliver and Victor and Mates Carlos, Carlito and Jacinto. In 4 days they released 10 sailfish, 4 marlin, 6 rooster, 1 pargo and landed 13 dorados!
They also raised 26 more sailfish, 23 marlin, 13 dorado, 3 rooster and 1 pargo.
Majority of the Marlin were blue and the largest one released estimated weight at 250lbs.
Biggest sailfish estimated at 120lbs.
Kurt and Mary returned for their 2nd season fishing with Captain Oliver and Mate Jacinto and Wolfgang returning for his 3rd season fishing with Captain Victor and Mate Jacinto.
While Kirk and Crissy came in place of Kirkís parents who fished with us last season!
I know we will be seeing them all again next year or maybe once the big Y-Fin start showing up J
Group shot front row L to R: Ramon, Crissy, Lori, Mary Anne y Suzzie. Back row Wolfgang, Kirk, Bryan, Kurt y Eric.

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