Fishing Report for February 28th

Here is an earlier report that I was waiting on photo’s which took a long time for me to get. Not sure where in cyber space these photo’s have traveled but it took awhile for me to receive them!
We had Ed, Mark and Ted Polewski along with their friends Frank, Ron and Andy from Canada here at the lodge at fishing with us for 3 days. The fishing was great but the catching soso! They fished with Captain Victor & Jacinto on La Chirichana and with Captain Chaka and Mata on Miss Burica.
Approximately 46 fish raised – 15 fish “On” briefly – 6 fish Landed. The majority of the fish were sailfish, with some cubera snapper, dorado and rooster in the mix. Great group of guys, lots of fun each night with our new Canadian friends.
Enjoy the photo’s!
You can also see on YouTube by Ed Polewski “Hooked” on Panama. Great video!
Thank you Ed and friends for sharing your photo’s with us and for the fun nights at the lodge with all of you! Looking forward to your next trip back!

Left front clockwise: Ed, Ted, Frank, Ron, Mark, Tigresa and Andy!

Thigh Lines!


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