Fishing Report for February 21th

Here at Hooked on Panama Lodge, we just had 4 guys from the great white north.  Minnesota and North Dakota.
Brian and Scott Solum, fishing with Captain Oliver and mate Carlito.  Preston and Mark Stoltman fishing with Captain Victor.  This is their first time down with us and they had a blast. Overall fish count was good.  Not huge numbers, but good quality.
1 400lb. Black Marlin caught by Preston. Had 4 or 5 more up that day.  12 sail fish total between them with shots at twice that many. 6 roosters with the one caught, again, by Preston.  Looking like a 60 pounder.  1 nice Cubera Snapper and 1 yellow fin tuna about 70lbs.
They left yesterday.  Flying home to 20 degrees below zero.  Ouch.  I have never seen below zero before.  Can’t even imagine what that is like. 80 to 90 degrees here everyday.  Beautiful sunrises and lots of fresh fish.  Mark is planning a trip down in June for the tuna run, and, the rest are coming back in February 2016.
Everyone have a great weekend and tight lines.
Captain Dan Peavy
Hooked on Panama Lodge

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