Fishing Report for April 14th

Hi Again,
Sending out the report for the week of April 14th.
We had Coley Wood, Randy Greer, Randy Randolf and Joe Sitzman here for 4 days of fishing fun.  1st day got off to a slow start with nothing but Jack Cravelles.  Day 2 though the tuna bite turned on.  Each guy got a bruiser and could have got many more,  but after the first four,  nobody wanted to catch another one.  The guys said it was too much work:)  The last day they lost count of all the sails raised, and, had a big marlin come in and hit the only lure in the spread without a hook in it.  Wolfed down the teaser and had him on for a bit before he finally spit it out.
The tuna are moving our way and no longer having to do the long run.
The guys are planning to bring their friends for next year and have a 2 boat tournament.
Tight lines and more to come.  Got  more coming.  3 boats out today and can’t wait to see how it goes.
Dan Peavy

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