Fishing Report February 27, 2018

Had a great week at Hooked on Panama Lodge ending Feb. 23rd.

Overlapping groups again, some newbies and some long time repeats.

First for the newbies.  Pancho and Diane Hecht were fishing with Captain Chaka and his mate Carlito. They had a great few days.  6 Marlin all between 250 and 300lbs., 2 Dorado with the big one at 50lbs., 7 Sails, 4 Roosters with a couple at 60lbs. and 4 Yellow Fun Tuna all between 60 and 100lbs.

Dennis and Greg Pawlek with their friend John were fishing with Captain Victor and his mate Jacinto. They got 2 Marlin this week. same sizes as above, 1 40lb. Dorado, 10 Sails, and 6 Tuna up to 100lbs. The tuna day, they only kept the 6 and released the rest at the boat. This is Dennis and Greg’s 7th trip with us and they are planning their return for next season.

We also had Bill Melason and friends Tom, Herb and Frank. Also newbies:)  They were fishing with Captain Carlos and his mate Eloy.  They got 2 Marlin, 5 Sails, 1 huge Cubera Snapper, 2 Dorados, 1 Rooster and 1 Blue Trevally.

After Bill left, Carlos then fished with Ray and Paula Burrin and his brother Robin and friend Carol.  They got 4 Sails and 8 Tuna.  Their first day was only 1 Sail, second day they actually got skunked, but day three was the day with three more sails and all the tuna. Ray and Paula have also been here several times:)

So, over all fish count for the week.

  • 10 Marlin
  • 26 Sails
  • 18 Yellow Fin Tuna
  • 5 Dorados
  • 5 Roosters
  • 1 really big Cubera Snappers
  • And of course, a variety of smaller snappers, jacks, etc.

It was a great week:)  It started off slow for everyone but really turned on the last couple of days.

Until next time, tight lines.

Dan Peavy,
Hooked on Panama Lodge


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